I’m going Abraham levels, I have 25 kids - Sonniballi

iReport.com.gh | Ghana Oct 16, 2020 12 day(s) ago
SonniBalli, UK Based Ghanaian Dancehall artist
SonniBalli, UK Based Ghanaian Dancehall artist

In an interview monitored by report.com.gh on Y97.9FM’s show hosted by PM and DJ Edita on the Dryve of Your Lyfe,

Sonniballi, the UK-based Ghanaian Reggae/ Dancehall artiste revealed that at the moment, he is very happily married and has twenty-five children of his own, one in each of the twenty-five different countries that he has visited.

“I have 25 kids. Every country I’ve been to, I have a baby there. I’m going Abraham levels”, he said.

“When you look at the fact that the music that is being made back home has reached the whole world, then you can tell that it’s happening. The world is listening to Africa at the moment”. He commented when asked about how different music in Ghana is from music in the UK.

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